The BlueNose Smartphone Rocket Launcher!


Launching rockets is not just done by governments or big corporations; there are plenty of amateur rocket builders out there who want a launch system that works. This is where the BlueNose Mobile Mission Control (MMC) steps up to mark, no longer is there fuses and wires that can go wrong, this system use Smartphone technology and the launch button is there in the middle of the Smartphone screen ready and waiting to be pressed. The BlueNose Mobile Mission Control (MMC) covers everything needed to get that rocket of the launch pad and as high as the fuel tank will allow, no false starts this is all systems go from off!

This is what you can expect to be getting from the BlueNose Mobile Mission Control (MMC) kit;

You open the missile cover on your BlueNose Mobile Mission Control (MMC) and flip the toggle switch. The app on your phone immediately recognizes the launch module and activates the control interface. You connect to the igniter using the supplied professional hook clips. They grab on, don’t let go, and are fully insulated to prevent short circuits. You plug the cable into the MMC and your Smartphone shows you the wiring status. Almost always, that status is Good to Go.

There are a few pre-order options to choose from starting with the beginner model rocket launcher kit at $60 (£39).

Source: Mobile Mission Control