Want To Be A Pro At Weather Forecasting? Theres An App For That!


There are quite a few weather information apps around, but there are not many like this one! This is Weather Signal and at the moment it is only available to owners of Android powered Smartphone’s. It is different because it is more like a mini science kit, but in your Smartphone! It uses all sorts of available readings in order to provide the user the latest up to date weather readings available. It can even check out other users in the area to provide an accurate assessment of how the weather is doing for that particular time and place.

Therefore, you have no more excuses for turning late and blaming it on the weather.

This is how the app works for the Android phone owner who wants more from the weather forecast;

WeatherSignal lets you monitor all the sensors on your device, turning your phone into a tricorder, or mobile science kit. Particularly powerful for users of the Galaxy S4, but working on 1000’s of devices – see what your phone can do! The app makes use of native phone sensors to display local atmospheric readings, which are then displayed on our live-updating weather map. By using WeatherSignal you are becoming a part of the most ambitious weather crowdsourcing project in the world – helping to record weather patterns on a more localised level than ever before.

This is a free app that is only available on Google Play at the moment so Android users only!

Source: Weather Signal