Be Seen With The Glow In The Dark Zulu Bike!


For cyclist who ends up riding on the road when gets dark the biggest worry must be being hit by a vehicle. However, the problem is that from some angles it is not easy seeing a cyclist on the road in fading light! The answer therefore is for the cyclist to make sure that they can be seen and the Zulu bike is the one for the job. It uses solar activated paint that provides an hour of glowing from being in the sun for hour!

Here are the details for the bike that will glow in the dark;

Get ready to take your night riding to a whole new level. After months of experimentation, we’ve perfected the GLOW, our newest line. The name says it all, it actually glows. The paint is solar-activated, so just give your bike an hour of daytime sun for an hour plus of night-time fun. Whether you’re a night owl, a raver, or just want to trip out your friends, this is the bike for you.

This cool glow in the dark bed will set you back around $400 (£259) but you cannot put a price on seen at night!

Source: Pure Fix Cycles