The Mogo Seat That You Can Carry Around With You


If you are out on a long walk or at an outside event that involves a lot of standing there will come a time when you might fancy a little sit down to rest those legs, but is there ever anywhere to sit probably not and that can be a problem. However, here is the Mogo human kickstand; it is like one of those old shooting sticks that country gents used to carry around. The difference with this Mogo is that it has been completely redesigned to modern demands and by using modern materials that make it light, yet very strong. So, next time you need a rest, get your Mogo out!

According to Martin Keen, Designer, CEO and Founder of Focal Upright Furniture, he said in the company press release;

We designed the Mogo upright seat after receiving great feedback on the Locus Workstation. It is our mission to create products that serve a purpose and Mogo is the perfect solution for those looking to feel comfortable and stay healthy on the go.

The cool looking Mogo portable upright seat is going to cost you around $80 (£52) this is special pre-order price, after launch the price will be around $100 ($63).

Source: PR Web