BlinkDrink Turns Your Drink Into A Lightshow!


There are apps around that test your drinks, test your breath and in some cases test your patience. However, here is a drinking app that makes you use your iPhone as a coaster and then turns the drink into a cool disco dancing machine that is going to attract a lot of attention of the right kind! With BlinkDrink you do not have to sit in the corner anymore, this is one that everyone is going to enjoy.

Here is what you can do with the BlinkDrink app;

BLINKDRINK transforms your phone from “that thing you play with when no one is talking to you at the bar” into a pint-sized party. Open the app, choose your colour, and put your drink on top. BLINKDRINK uses the prism of your poison to keep time to whatever song is playing. You’re thinking, “iPhone as coaster? Sounds like a bad idea.” Well we put a lot of drinks on top of phones while making this thing- the only bad ideas generally happened afterward.

This app is available right now from iTunes where it will cost you $0.99 or £0.69.

Source: Blink Drink