2nd September 2013

The H2ope Solar Powered Water Filtration System!


There is nothing funny about polluted drinking water and yet this is something that many people around the world have to put up with on a daily basis and even in the more advanced societies, a natural disaster can make pure drinking water toxic. but there are systems like the H2ope System that can produce clean drinking even from highly polluted water and its powered from the sun too, so its ideals in an emergency situation as it does not even require power. The possibilities for the H2ope water filtration system are endless and borderless, there is nothing like providing fresh clean water to show that you care!

If you want to know more, then this is how the H2ope System works;

The system brings together water filtration, power and water pumping to even the most remote locations. Now isolated homes can have safe water to drink with no effort at all. No boiling is needed or chemicals to add. The unit can produce up to 3 gallons of potable water per minute.

The cost of this water purification system will start from $1450 (£933) and will rise right up to $2650 (£1705).

Source: H2ope System


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