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2nd September 2013

The Handy Meter Measures The Salt In Your Food!


There is no doubt that currently too much salt is not very good for your health, but when you are out having lunch somewhere, how do you know exactly how much is in your food and drink? Well one way is with this handy salt meter device; simply place this into the food or drink to get a reading with a traffic light system! It is a fast and easy way to watch your intake of salt.

These are the features available for the portable salt meter;

Size 15 mm x 25 mm × 212 mm, 30g

Power Four LR44 (1.5V) button battery

Accessories (button battery is not attached) body only

Measurement range 0.3 to 2.0 percent

Measured temperature Liquid temperature 60 ? ~ 80 ?

Display 7-segment LED display

Power consumption Maximum 20mA (all LED lit)

Material Body: ABS resin / sensor: Copper

PLEASE NOTE This product is can be measured soup cooking 80 ? 60 ? ~ of (liquid). It can not be measured, such as solid and liquid cold outside temperature measurement.

Package Size 30 mm x 70 mm × 285 mm

Weight (including packaging) 162g

Warranty period 6 months

You can find out how much salt is in your food and drink for just $20 (£13).

Source: Rare Mono Shop


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