The Veloflyte iPhone Tough Mount For Cyclists!


Now, to us putting an expensive iPhone into a flimsy plastic mount on the handlebar of a bike is madness, anything can happen to it and if the bike goes over the rider will be losing more than their dignity. Therefore, if you are going to have a mount, then is might as well be one that is built to withstand an impact or two! This is exactly what the Veloflyte mount offers the rider, it is solid and tough and yet it is easy for the rider to use the device too. The Veloflyte mount is a very well thought out device and blends in nicely with the bike, it even has a forward facing lens so if there is anything interesting up ahead it can be captured on video.

According to man behind the Veloflyte mount here is the thinking behind it;

I am a cycling enthusiast and a dedicated designer. 4 years ago, I started manufacturing a selection of carbon fibre bicycle components ( with features that pleased many customers. A number of months ago I turned my attention to designing a high quality iPhone mount for bicycles. I have a mount that measures up to my own stringent needs, and now I’d like to offer this item to you.

This is a device that is not quite ready for the stores, but it is available to pre-order from $149 (£96).

Source: Veloflyte