Juicies Are A New Kind Of Cable Built To Last!


When you have a lot of devices, you almost seem to collect a whole lot of cables too and the trouble with this is that no matter how neatly they are stored, they will always end up tangled as if they have a life of their own. Well, here is a new cable design called Juicies, they stronger than other cables and are covered with a woven style covering that is effectively tangle free. However, at the end of the day, it is all about looks and these Juicies cables just look great.

According to the team behind the Juicies cable design, this is why they think it is the best cable available;

A simple cable is still is the best and easiest way to charge a device. So we used high quality materials to build a cable that matches our high-end devices. Our focus was on the core essence of what the product is supposed to be doing: Charging! Since we have to charge our phones every day, we really wanted to make sure that our cable gets the same nice look and feel. So we designed a cable that matches perfectly!

These great looking cables are currently being pre-ordered at a price starting at $20 (£13).

Source: Juicies