The IncuBusLDN Red London Bus For Start Ups To Catch!


When it comes to finding, space for a start up, London is probably one of those places where space is limited and therefore expensive. However, here is an idea that is looking quite interesting, it is a big red London bus called the IncuBusLDN, and it is meant for young entrepreneurs who are looking for office space, training, help and advice! Each start up is given six months on the IncuBusLDN. However, that is not all, the IncuBusLDN will also be used to deliver ideas to younger kids aged from 9 to 11, some of these kids have great ideas and the IncuBusLDN could show them way.

If need to know more about how the IncuBusLDN is going to work, then this what the team behind project have to say;

What is IncuBusLDN? IncuBusLDN is a start-up incubator on a bus, based in Shoreditch London, at the heart of Tech City. As well as taking on start-ups, IncuBusLDN will play host to the community with meet up space, pop up shops and code clubs. Twice a week IncuBusLDN and Code Club will travel to teach the next generation to code at primary schools around the city.

Backers of the IncuBusLDN can take advantage of some interesting perks they vary according to the amount pledged, which starts from around $40 (£25)!

Source: Incubus