Need Help With Organisation? Then You Need A Mem:o!


As most of us tend to lead busy lives, organising our limited time between work, family and fun, things can occasionally get out of hand and that is when you realise that some extra help is needed. But, it does not mean that you have to stick to the standard style calendar etc, check out mem:o its a cool new app that offers organisation with visualisation and there are not many app that can offer that!

This is how the Mem:o app can help organise your life;

Circles vibrantly visualize your data

Track your hours, books, miles, $ or anything you can imagine

Browse data as a list or on a calendar

Assign tags and add text notes to enhance any data

Group data into themed boards, organize by color

Assess your progress by browsing circles, averages and totals at a glance

Indulge in playful interactions and designs representing your data

Share with friends and the world via social media

This is a free app available for iPhone owners to download from iTunes now!

Source: Caroline And Young