The Three In One US3 Flash Drive!


Flash drives are handy little things, but when they are not in use, they tend to end up being put in the desk drawer and then they are forgotten about! However, if the flash drive had other uses then it would be used more and not lost. The US3 flash drive offers from 8 GB up to 64 GB in memory, it’s a stand and touch screen stylus too, so with all of these uses the US3 is going to in use most of the time.

You want specs and features well you asked for them, this device comes with;

US3 Drive Capacity:  8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB

US3 Drive Memory Chip: Samsung

Size: 2″ x “1/2″ x 1/4”

Weight: 0.141 ounce or 4 grams

Colours: Violet, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Black and White

US2 Stand & Stylus does not include flash drive

Both US3 Drive and US2 Stand & Stylus includes: Detachable Lanyard

Functions: Waterproof Flash Drive USB feature works with all USB compatible devices.  Stylus works with all touch screen devices.  And Smartphone Stand compatible with Android Smartphones and Apple iPhones.

These cool devices can be pre-ordered at the moment starting from just $15 (£10).

Source: USA Great Buys