Replace Remotes With The Flowton And Use Your Body Instead!


Gesture control is coming along in leaps and bounds, but usually this can only be done one gadget at a time! With the Flowton, this device will take control of everything that uses a remote control allowing the user to use their voice, hands and body to control the devices that would only normally be controlled through a remote control. This is real cutting edge technology, that is still in the development stages and yet it is a very exciting prospect.

This is how the Flowton will allow the user to control all devices with gestures instead of remotes;

It’s here! The Flowton Controller allows you to use your body as a universal controller for all your electronics. The software inside works by capturing image and sound from it’s environment, and converts this raw data into commands that you may use to control anything from your TV, DVD, to thermostat, lights and more.

You can get properly involved with this project with a pledge of just $180 (£115).

Source: Flowton