Turn Your Emails Into Conversations With Ping!


Email is cool once more and it is down to a new app called Ping! It is still early days for the app; in fact, you have to go onto the Ping website to show an interest. However, the apps should be available next week (18th) on iOS; hopefully the Android version will not be too far behind. Once you have the app installed you will be able to talk in real time to any of your contacts who are on Ping at the same time, this is just one cool feature to look forward to. Ping looks like it has the ability to bring email back to life, let’s hope so. We will see more when the apps are released.

This is how the new Ping email app will transform your email into something more interesting;

Ping is all about making email fit to the way we’ve evolved to communicate today. There are myriad services for communicating that we love dearly – social networks, a plethora of messaging apps and even iMessage – but email, one of the strongest open communication platforms we have, is still stuck in the darks ages.

Source: Ping App