The Pli iPhone 5 Case With Wood Veneer Inset!


It is safe to say that it is not that often we get to see the latest Smartphone mashed with a retro design, but that is what the Pli does and with a wood inset, this phone case is doing it in retro style! The Pli case is like that furniture from the 70’s and yet for some strange reason it seems to work, which is rather strange don’t you think!

These are the details and specs for the Pli iPhone 5 case;

Features: Polycarbonate shell for protection – Wood veneer inset for a one of a kind aesthetic

Materials: Wood veneer – Polycarbonate

Dimensions: 125 mm H x 60 mm W x 9 mm D

This retro style phone case for the iPhone 5 is going to cost you around $40 (£26).

Source: Quirky


Written by David Allen

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