The Tablet Keyboard Is Redesigned With Dryft!


Any Android user who is using the Swype keyboard will know how easy and useful it is, now one of the co-founders of Swype is looking to do the same for the tablet user with Dryft! It is a clever design that senses finger tips and looks stunning, so already it has a lot going for it! However, it is the way it learns how the user types that is interesting and useful as it can adapt to reduce the amount of mistakes that are made, we said it was clever!

According to the Dryft website, this is what makes the Dryft keyboard so different from others;

Dryft’s patented touch tap technology can detect whether a tablet user is resting or typing when touching the keys. This allows users to rest their fingers on home row keys before typing any letters. Try that with today’s tablets and you will see a bunch of unintended key strokes.

The Dryft is still in its development stages, but it is clear that with the right sort of backing they could be onto a winner!

Source: Dryft


Written by David Allen

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