Small And Powerful Beta-QR Keychain Light!


There is always going to be an occasion when we need some light, it might be power cut or searching for something lost in a dark corner, either way you are going to need a decent torch to rely on! This is where the new Beta-QR torch comes in handy; it is a new and interesting design that brings light to your fingertips in a flash.

This torch is by Prometheus Lights and as such, you know that it is going to be something special and something that you need on your keychain when the need arises. The neat design allows the torch to fit into the bunch of keys without being caught up with the keys, making it impossible to use quickly.

There are four colours to choose from, Electroless Nickel, Ha Type III (Black), KS Limited Green and the Solid Copper (RAW). Each colour has its own cool look and there is the special quick release feature that allows the user to hold the torch as normal without having to hold up a bunch of keys at the same time.

The Beta-QR from Prometheus Lights is not available in stores yet, but it can be pre-ordered for a short while from $45 or £28.

Source: Dark Sucks