Twitter Launches @eventparrot News Direct Messages!

There is a mysterious new account running on the micro blogging site Twitter. It is called Event Parrot @eventparrot and the purpose of it is to provide the followers with direct messages that relate to thing that are happening in the world.

Twitter Launches @eventparrot News Direct Messages!

Twitter designer Paul Stamatiou @Stammy has confirmed that Event Parrot is a Twitter run account that the site is running as an experiment. Currently there are around 24,000 thousand followers, all of which will be receiving direct messages on world events.

Twitter Launches @eventparrot News Direct Messages!

So, now you know exactly what Event Parrot is all about! Are you tempted to pop over and click the follow button so that you too can receive headline news related direct messages from the cool Event Parrot? Or has the Twitter experience failed to impress you?


Source: Twitter


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