The Bra That Tweets!

Here is something interesting from Greece! Its bra as you can plainly see, but it is a special bra! It is the only bra that can tweet and the idea behind it is to simply remind the wearer to conduct a monthly breast exam!

The Bra That Tweets!

The video is introduced by the popular Greek TV presenter Maria Bacodimou @mariabacodimou and she actually gives a demonstration on how the bra works by unhooking it and receiving a tweet from the bra! This happens every time the bra is unhooked.

The bra is able to do this because of a specially designed hook mechanism, that is activated when the bra is unhooked and then sends a signal to a Smartphone, which connects to a server and from here, the tweet is sent to the user.

The Bra That Tweets!

Source: Tweeting Bra


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