Turn Your Home Into A Smart Home With Luxera!

Turn Your Home Into A Smart Home With Luxera!

These days luxury living means being in control of your home at all time no matter where you are! This is where new technology that connects everyday items such as lights and light switches comes into its own, such as the Luxera smart home light switching system. The Luxera system features three main parts, the Luxera DC LED Lamps, Luxera SmartSwitch LED DIMMER and the Luxera Smart Control with the LUXERA SmartSwitch App! This system brings control of the lighting system at home or work at your fingertips through your Smartphone. You can get started with the Luxera smart home system from just $130 or £79, which is not that expensive when you consider just what you can do with the Luxera and a Smartphone! The app is currently available for iOS powered devices; an Android version should be available soon.

Source: Luxera LED

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