EON’s Life’s Little Comparisons Quiz!

EON's Life’s Little Comparisons Quiz!

It is safe to say that we at TechMASH are very competitive when it comes to gadgets and new technology. If it is new, we have to have to have now and if someone else has it, then that is when we get even more competitive! Therefore, when we saw that the power supplier E-ON is running a quiz to find out how compititive we all are when it comes to what family and friends have or do, then we just had to give the quiz a go. The Life’s Little Comparisons Quiz can be found on E.ON’s saving energy hub, it is easy enough to get started and obviously, you will need to authorise to app via your Facebook ID. Now it is time to get on with those questions! There are only twelve multiple choice questions covering; Lifestyle, Home, Gadgets & Tech and Children, there are three questions to each section and three answers to choose from for each question!

Basically, what the quiz is trying to do is find out about how we think when we see or hear others. it’s not your average power suppliers attempt at offering saving energy tips and advice this one has been done over and over, the goes for saving energy in your home and that old favourite saving energy home improvements as canning consumers are aware these. This quiz is setting out to find how people compare themselves with others. So, I did the quiz, answering the questions honestly in line with how I would react to the situations created in the question. Once finished the player is given the result there are four categories to fall into, these start at the Relaxed Observer, Casual Comparer, Reasonable Rival and finally there are those Crazed Competitors! To my shock, my answers resulted in me falling into the Reasonable Rival category, which is a surprise when I was sure that I was definitely a Crazed Competitor!

The good thing about this quiz that you can have a couple of goes, that way you can adjust those answers that you are not sure of to see if it actually makes any difference to the eventual outcome. Sadly, in my case, it makes no difference and now I have to continue on my quest to have the latest technology knowing that I am merely a Reasonable Rival when it comes to what other have! It is interesting to see how others are doing in the quiz, when you get to the end and see your result, there is a table that shows how others have been answering the questions and this goes to show just how your answers are fitting into the way that others have answered the quiz. So I am in the group where 16% of those who took part ended up in, where do you think you will end up? Have a go and find out, it is only going to take a couple of minutes to complete.

The good news is, that by taking part in the E-ON Life’s Little Comparisons Quiz I am automatically entered in the pool with a chance to win a cool new energy efficient Smart HD Television or one of the six £50 Love2Shop vouchers that are on offer!

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