Budgee The Robot That Helps You Out With The Chores!

Budgee The Robot That Helps You Out With The Chores!

It is not exactly iRobot, but Five Elements Robotics has developed the Budgee robot to help us humans with those boring and mundane tasks such as fetching and carrying. The robot looks a bit like a trolley but instead of pushing it around, it follows you wherever you go, can carry up to fifty pound in weight and its battery pack can last for up to eight hours! This is clearly a step in the right direction where robotics is concerned; the Budgee is a serviceable machine that is affordable and interesting. Imagine what a trip to the shops is going to be like with the Budgee following you around the stores and carrying your purchases for you. Once its job has been done, the Budgee will fold right down for easy transportation and storage. The robot uses a sensor to connect with the person its following; it can also be remotely controlled through an app on a Smartphone or tablet device. The design team are working on an alert feature so that if the Budgee goes out of sensor range it will alert the user through the app; this is great just in case somebody decides to run off with it why you are not looking.

The Budgee will be launching this summer the full details are not available yet, but this little companion can be pre ordered from around $1300 or £792, it might sound a lot, but remember this is a companion helper not a toy.

Source: Five Elements Robotics


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