Polaroid Joins The Social Media Revolution With The Socialmatic Camera!

Polaroid Joins The Social Media Revolution With The Socialmatic Camera!

For photographic film makers the introduction of digital cameras meant they needed to shape up to the new world or sink without a trace. We lost many popular brands and Polaroid was one of them, although they did not give up the company diversified and now it is back with the new Socialmatic camera, which is more than just a camera. The camera is powered by the Android operating system and that means access to apps such as Facebook, Twitter and all of those image sharing sites.

However, the Socialmatic is more than just a social sharing camera, it can print too. In classic Polaroid tradition it has a built in ZINK Zero Ink printer capable of producing a 2 inch x 3 inch photo that will not smudge when touched, they are also resistant to tearing and water! Other features include a 14.0 mega pixel forward facing camera, a 2.0 mega pixel rear facing camera, a 4.5 inch touch screen LCD display and there is built in wireless too, so that connecting to social sites is even easier. You can simply take a photo and then instantly share or print off a copy with the Socialmatic.

Source: Polaroid

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