The All Metal Pen That Requires No Ink To Write With!

The All Metal Pen That Requires No Ink To Write With!

It is always the way that whenever you need a pen you are unable to find one and if you do it is likely that the ink may have gone dry, so the nightmare continues! The trouble is that we really do not like to carry a pen around with us all of the time and yet we nearly always carry a bunch of keys, so maybe there is something in that, but how can a set of keys inspire the design of a new style of pen? This is the Metal Inkless Pen, its small enough to fit easily onto a key ring with your normal keys, this has been designed so that it uses no ink at all, it will never run out and it will write on all sorts of materials including metals. This is one of those things, that you buy and forget about. The only time that you remember you have, it is when you need a pen and then you will be glad that you had bought the Metal Inkless Pen.

This neat and handy all metal pen will set you back around $35 or £22.

Source: Cool Material

Written by David Allen

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