The Ice Computer xPC Smartphone Sized PC!

The Ice Computer xPC Smartphone Sized PC!

We still tend to think of a computer as being a large desk top base unit that is not easily moved around the office the home. However, with the increased use of tablets and smartphones, mobile computing is here to stay and that could mean an end to what we have become used to in a PC. This is the xPC, its Ice Computers idea for the future. Sure, it has to be used with other devices such as a tablet or smartphone, but we are already using these devices, the xPC could be the perfect machine to bring it all together.

This is what a typical xPC will have; first up its a compact and high performance motherboard, there will be the latest x86 CPU and chipset available with support for a choice of either 2 GB or 4GB of RAM and storage of between 32 GB to 128 GB solid state drive (SSD). The communications will come from the 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth module, while other features will include a camera, accelerometer and a gyro sensor.

Ice Computer are saying that the xPC will start shipping this summer, but there is an early bird offer of around $370 or £225 for anyone wanting to pre order the xPC.

Source: Ice Computer

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