The Best News Stories Brought To You By Trove!

The Best News Stories Brought To You By Trove!

If you are fed up to getting news stories delivered to you that have no interest or relevancy, then you my interested in a new app designed for iPhone and iPad owners, that delivers news stories picked by others who like the same as you. This is Trove, it helps you stream news that interests you by allowing the user to follow topics, pick the stories that you want to share, connect to social media, share or comment on the news and finally customize the Trove news stream.

The Trove app is a free download from iTunes for owners of iOS powered devices.

Source: Trove

Written by David Allen

We cover all kinds of technology, gadget, current and funny news stories! Although we stop there as we cover a wide variety of of other cool subjects, including cars, lifestyle and breaking news stories.

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