Why Invest in e-Recruitment Systems?

For many HR managers planning for the year ahead, the effective utilisation of big data, candidate tracking software and social media tools are of prime concern. As the HR world increasingly moves to online, cloud-based and integrated systems, potentially offering better candidate experiences, data capture, candidate tracking and lower costs to serve, recruiters are increasingly keen to get on board!

So what are the benefits of using web based HR software? In summary:


Online recruitment systems are highly secure and offer robust processes, firewalls, and data protection, usually measured against quality accreditations for enhanced business protection and compliance.

Robust systems, cheaply delivered

Many of today’s e-recruitment systems are delivered via the cloud computing model, which means that the business user pays a subscription to access the latest web-based version of their software. Any systems upgrades are carried out automatically and as part of the package. This means that the business always gets to benefit from the latest version, without wasted time for systems upgrades or downtime.

The cost of cloud delivered models is also far more attractive on the subscription basis and costed per user, particularly when compared to traditional costs of bespoke builds and custom solutions, with their attendant hosting, maintenance and upgrade costs.

As well as the lower cost of the system, the fact that the recruitment cycle is reduced means that a significantly lower cost per hire can also be achieved through effective systems deployment – stripping out unnecessary and time consuming administration time and better directing those resources to higher value activities.

Enhanced user experiences

The real power of e-Recruitment systems comes in their ability to provide vast amounts of data in useful, actionable formats, and to integrate with other HR and marketing systems to build that overall candidate experience. With e-Recruitment systems, social media, CRM systems, recruitment systems and candidate capture software is all integrated into a single platform, where applications communicate with each other, and provide valuable management information.

These powerful systems may be simple to use and low cost to deliver, but they can revolutionise both the recruiter’s delivery and the candidate experience, allowing far more powerful and effective interactions with the right demographics of target talent. Recruiters can choose to blend a traditional mix of recruitment methods, with modern social media campaigns, all from a single, self-managed and recruitment focused platform.

Enhanced and consistent branding

Employer brand development is of prime concern to most modern recruiters today, and an e-Recruitment system will allow all communications to be accurately and consistently branded, further improving the impact of client focused recruitment delivery. Furthermore, the systems facilitate and enhance candidate self-service – a powerful tool for viral marketing and the employer brand.

Not only does effective deployment of these systems allow recruiters to better target and engage with their audience, but the powerful data capture capabilities allow these departments to prove their worth to boards and directors – by providing powerful MI and data that shows the true value, return on investment and cost to serve of each candidate transaction. Costs are slashed thanks to the automated management processes and reduced administration time. That in itself is a truly compelling proposition in today’s fast-moving, cost conscious world.