Add GPS To An iPad With The Bad Elf GPS Device!

Add GPS To An iPad With The Bad Elf GPS Device!

These days we take it for granted that a Smartphone, tablet and a laptop will have GPS built in, but that is not so with Apple’s iPad Air and Mini with Retina display, even the iPod Touch has no GPS built in and for some people that means missing out on vital services. No matter how strange that may sound, it seems that some owners of these devices would like the addition of GPS! This is where the Bad Elf GPS dongle with lightning connector comes in simply connect and it will provide the user with an accurate location of the device. In fact, this simple to use GPS device will pin point the location to within eight feet, it will even work on a plane and that is very useful tool to have especially for social media, as it is great to check in to different locations around the world. To get started simply connect through the port and Bad Elf will download its app software, which will then show up on the display giving the GPS status and with the assistance of the Apple Maps features is able to show the devices location on the street map.

This handy GPS device can be purchased from just $130 or around £80.

Source: Bad Elf


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