The iTrans4mer For The iPad Owner Who Wants More!

The iTrans4mer For The iPad Owner Who Wants More!

When you buy a new iPad and unpack it from its packaging the last thing that you are going to want happen to it is that it gets a mark or scratch. So in order to protect this expensive device many owners placed them into cases, but for some owners this is not enough, they want more from case. This is the all new iTrans4mer designed specifically for the iPad 2, 3 or 4 and the iPad Air; it is more than a case because it comes with so many features. Let’s take a closer look at the iTrans4mer for iPads, first of all, it offers all round protection from scratches and marks, it also has a built in keyboard powered by Bluetooth. There is a back battery, speaker system, detachable stand, a stylus and a slot to keep it in. For mounting, there are suction, screw, flat and strap mounts available. For inside the car there is a handy headrest mount and for presentations, there is high stand. Finally, the entire iTrans4mer system comes with a handy protective bag.

Once this device goes on sale it is going to cost around $150 or £92, but for a little while, it can be pre ordered from just $70 or £43.

Source: Appricott


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