Protect Your Passwords With A Pitbull Wallet!

It might be called the Pitbull Wallet, but you will not find any cash inside! This is because the Pitbull Wallet is a standard wallet sized card with a difference and that is it will store all of your passwords or just that important one. The Pitbull Wallet has an embedded keyboard built in; this can be used to add data to the device. The user is able to nominate the keyboard as the only way to add data, which is much safer. Other than that, the user could go for RFID or even NFC.

You can use the Pitbull Wallet as a primary storage device or you could use it as a back up device. Multiple Pitbull Wallets can even be used for alternative purposes, such as spare wallets with stored data, a gift card or just as a private key. The object of this kind of technology is security and peace of mind, which is something that we could use these days. The Pitbull Wallet could be the only back up that you are ever going to need or want. It has also got Pitbull in its name, you have been warned.

Protect Your Passwords With A Pitbull Wallet!

The Pitbull is due to be released this summer, but it can already be pre ordered at a special low price starting from $25 or £16!

Source: Pitbull


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