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21st February 2014

Keep Keys Cards And Cash Altogether With The Liquid Wallet!

Keep Keys Cards And Cash Altogether With The Liquid Wallet!

It makes sense to try and keep essential stuff together, although putting into practice is a lot harder than it seems. However, with the help of good design it is possible, take the Liquid Wallet for instance, this is a cool design that keeps your keys, cards and some cash all in one place! That is just one thing to remember to take with you and to take home too! The design is nice, because it takes on the shape of a credit card although its 14 mm thick! However, inside you have enough room for some bank cards, some cash and up to four keys, which is enough to for what you need when going out for the night and makes life easy when you are travelling to and from work as well. To make it even more interesting it will protect the cards from RFID scanners.

It is made from high quality Aluminium grade 6061 with a Hard Anodized Coating. Measures up at 94 mm (L) x 59.5 mm (W) x 14 mm (H) and it weighs in at just 92 grams without any keys inserted. Expect to see the Liquid Wallet going on sale this summer with a retail price of around $70 AUD or around £38, but if you like a bargain you can pre order the Liquid Wallet from just $41 AUD or around £23, which is a considerable saving on the retail price.

Source: Liquid Store


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