How To Secure A Web Camera From Cyber Spies!

How To Secure A Web Camera From Cyber Spies!

Our privacy and personal details are under threat 24/7 for 365 days of year, it is a threat that most security systems are able to manage and yet it seems that our governments would not mind seeing what we get up to and their favourite tool is the web camera. Yes that harmless little dot at the top of your laptop, netbook or tablet device can be hacked and used against you for whatever reason they feel fit. It is scary and unless there is just cause, it is wrong. However, fear not, because there is one way of ensuring that no matter how sophisticated these hackers are or whether they are criminals or governments there is one thing that can stop them dead in their tracks.

It’s the EFF’s laptop camera covers a set of five stickers that go over the web camera and keeps prying eyes out for good. It is the simple things that always seem to work the best, don’t you think! In the set, you will be getting three 0.5 inch X 0.75 inch and two 0.5 inch X 1 inch sized stickers, which will cover any laptop web camera available. You can buy a set of these cool web camera cover stickers for just $5.

Source: EFF

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