The Buoy Is A Seat Designed For Modern Lifestyles!

The Buoy Is A Seat Designed For Modern Lifestyles! A seat is just a seat, a chair is just chair and yet the Buoy is something so different that it cannot even be placed in such a specific category, it is just a cool piece of design and it fits in with home or work life with ease. There are so many choices here that each Buoy could be different, with six colour choices and twenty five cap fabrics to choose from the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to the look of the Buoy. However, when it comes to the actually Buoy design, this is a seat that allows for many positions and jobs to be carried out without any fuss at all. It tilts too, so the Buoy rarely has to move from its position on the floor.

The Buoy is made up of four main parts; The Cap is eighteen inches across and there are over twenty five different fabrics available some are by popular designers such as Paul Smith. The handle is not just for carrying the Buoy the around, it actually provided the user with around five and inches of height adjustability, which can make all the difference. The Buoy itself weighs just twenty pounds, has been designed to fit into any lifestyle or work place, it can also be easily cleaned and looked after too. Finally, it is the Base, normally not much notice would be given to this, but the base is very important to the Buoy offering a tilt of between five and twelve degrees, with little movement from its current position.

The Buoy is not a dream, it is available to buy now with prices starting from $199 and rising up to $298.

Source: My Turn Stone