Today Is The UN’s #HappinessDay Join In It’s Fun!

Today Is The UN's #HappinessDay Join In It's Fun!

Let’s face it; these days there is not much to feel happy about all of the time! However, taking a quick a look at the UN website for the Day Of Happiness has actually made us smile and we really do feel much better for it, it is a cliché I know, but true none the less. It is easy for you to get involved too, start off by finding a photo that makes you happy or go out and take of photo of the sun coming up, going down or just hiding behind a cloud.

Now it is your turn to share your image of happiness on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter with the hashtag #HappinessDay and your thoughts. Shortly after you share, your message and image will appear on the wall of the Day of Happiness with everyone else from around the world who feel the same. It is enlightening to say the very least.

Source: Day Of Happiness