The Lumen Retro Reflective City Bicycle!

The Lumen Retro Reflective City Bicycle! Getting on bike in the city sounds cool, but there are dangers and most of these are down to visibility. So riding a bike on the busy city roads at night is really taking a chance or it used to be, because this is the Lumen bike and at night it lights up with no battery or power needed. The bikes on their own are cool, there are three models available, the Lumen 1, Lumen 8 and the Lumen 8SE, each has been designed to high specs with hand welded double butted chromoly steel, the first bike is single geared, while the other two are geared bikes.

However, the main feature is not the bike; it is what makes light up at night. As you can see from the images and video, the Lumen bike is brightly lit at night and yet there is no power or electronics needed as the Lumen’s frame and wheels has been coated in special paint coating microscopic spheres that use retro reflection to direct the light back in a straight line. The complete bikes will be going on sale this summer, but at the moment they can be pre ordered from $1245 up to $2500.

Source: Mission Bicycle