Try Out HTC’s BlinkFeed On Any Android Device!

Try Out HTC’s BlinkFeed On Any Android Device!

While everyone was getting excited or not at the launch of HTC’s new phone the One a little snippet slipped through the net. The electronics giant has announced that its BlinkFeed launcher will be made available to anyone with an Android powered device. This might seem unusual, but there could be method in this apparent madness because it introduces Android users to HTC’s home screen and at the same time puts HTC in front of consumers, good move!

According the HTC One (M8) press release, they say that;

Following its popularity with HTC users, HTC will now make HTC BlinkFeed available to other Android devices, launching on the Google Play store soon.

The BlinkFeed app is showing up on Google Play but at the moment it looks like its still only available for HTC devices. However in time the app will be free and available from Google Play.

Source: HTC