The Co-op Joins The Mobile Phone Business!

The Co-op Joins The Mobile Phone Business!

In line with all of the other main supermarkets the Co-op are going into the mobile phone pre-pay SIM card business. It costs 99p and will be available from most food stores, online or by phone. The Co-op are late entry to the mobile market, even though they are just offering a pre-pay service it could grow and with the Co-op’s customer base who knows where it will stop! Being the Co-op, members of the society will be getting a dividend of 2.5%, which means a customer spending £15 per month will receive £4.50.

According to the Co-operative group retail chief executive Steve Murrells he said;

It is a major milestone for The Co-operative Group to be entering the telecoms sector with its own branded products. It’s a genuine own-brand co-operative product, fair and simple, with no strings attached.

There are three main 30 day bundles available, the £10 with 250 minutes, 3000 sms and 500 MB data, £15 with 500 minutes, 3000 sms and 1 GB data and finally there is the £20 offering 1000 minutes 3000 sms and 2 GB data.

Source: Co-op Mobile