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11th April 2014

Wheely The Smallest Coffee Shop Around!

Wheely The Smallest Coffee Shop Around!

Walk down any High St and you cannot fail to smell the coffee as there are coffee shops everywhere. Yet, these branded stores are often busy, which means queuing and fighting for a seat. This is where the Wheely Cafe comes in, its portable and it can pitch up in some of the best places too. This is the smallest coffee shop you will ever see and at the end of the day it disappears into the sunset. The Wheely will be a franchise, costing around $3000 to get started and for a ready made business that is really not too much to fork out. As you can see its based around a bike, which in itself is a great marketing tool as people will see it being rode around the streets and will be interested in where it pitches up.

This is one of those opportunities where the owner can either be part of something big with all the advantages that offers or on their own doing their own thing building a successful business within the coffee shop sector. The Wheely Cafe’s will be launching this summer with a price tag of around $3000, but if you are quick you could grab one for just $1800! That is a massive saving of around $1200 and not a bad price to pay for business.

Source: Nordic Invention


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