Take Control Of Your Laces With Innie!

Take Control Of Your Laces With Innie!

Shoelaces can be a pain they seem to have a life of their own coming undone when you do not want them to and going into a knot when you are trying to get them undone! Surely, there must be a simpler solution to this hassle? Well there could be and it is called the Innie! They have been designed for comfort with no more long laces, style and safety with no long laces to trip over and flexible as the laces can be adjusted for comfort.

The Innie is a small clip made from plastic, there is one for each lace and they fit inside the shoe so nobody is any wiser to your secret. Because they are made from plastic, they are durable and can be colour coded too. The Innies will be launching some time this summer, but if you cannot wait to get your order in then they can be pre ordered for a short while with a starting price of around $10 for two packs.

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