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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Firedrive for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

The term "Cloud" means something different to many people this can range from social media to almost anything that is online. However, the actual meaning of the term "The Cloud!" refers to online storage, which in itself can be a minefield for the consumer who it looking for a way of storing images, video and data online. With so many cloud storage services available for the consumer to look into it is easy to see how the confusing the market can be. This is why we are focussing on cloud service providers and the provider that we are reviewing the cloud service provider called Firedrive, who are leaders in the free online storage market.

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Now, there are also plenty of so called free cloud storage providers out there, but are these services really free? This is one factor where Firedrive wins hands down, as the service they provide is free for everyone with up to 50 GB available to use on any device such as a Smartphone, tablet or desk top computer. With Firedrive everything that is stored is private, the user has no worries of anyone else gaining access to the stores images, video and files. However, because this service is available on a number of devices, this also means that sharing your stored data with family, friends and even work colleagues is easy making this service very flexible indeed.

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One very interesting feature is called Filedrop, this works exactly as it sounds. With 50 GB of storage of available why not allow co-workers, family and friends drop a file straight into the Firedrive storage, it is easy and more importantly it is going to be safe and sound with nobody else gaining access to the account. In line these features is another cool idea that they are calling one time downloads, this means that unlike some storage facilities where a file can be doubled or even tripled up which not only takes up space it can have an effect of on the users own wireless data transfer limits put in place by the carrier.

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One other thing that often puts people off using a cloud storage service is the fear that it is too complicated and requires some sort of technical knowledge. With the Firedrive cloud storage service, it is easy to use with a fast FTP uploading and there is the ease of drag and drop, which is ideal for the moving and copying of files and folders to other locations. If there is one complaint that the users of cloud services come up with every now and then it is the ability to view files quickly in the control panel through the handy quick view menu. For those who want it, there are public profiles available; this will allow the user to push documents, files and folders to the specific profile, saving on accidents and mistakes from occurring.

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You might think that a cloud storage system like the one being offered by Firedrive is all about storing files, documents and photos, well it is not. Because with this cloud storage system users are able to share their content online by making files, photos, and videos public allowing other people to view this content without having to publish on social networks etc. So basically, with Firedrive the user will have access to a service that is capable of opening well over a hundred and fifty different file types by making them available through the computer or other connected devices. Firedrive is well worth taking a look at, with 50 GB of storage that is safe and secure, looks great, is easy to use and it can be very social too. And you thought the all cloud services were the same?

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