Take Control Of Those Cables With A #Neet Sleeve!

Take Control Of Those Cables With A Neet Sleeve!

It is a fact that our love of technology is dependent on power and to get to this power that means cables. While a single cable is easy to manage, when they are left alone they seem to have a life of their own and often end up in a tangled mess that can only be sorted out by disconnecting all of the cables and replacing them again. The same thing occurs when travelling; the cables only need to be inside a bag for a short while before becoming twisted. This is where the Neet Sleeve comes in, it looks amazing and it will prevent all of the hassle of sorting out a tangled mess of cables every time you need to go out or move a device to a different location.

This device not only stops cables from tangling up, the Neet Sleeve actually looks cool too, it is easy to fit and can be used for a wide range of activities. More than that, the Neet Sleeve comes in Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow, Bronze, Silver, White and Black, so you can pick and choose Neet Sleeve to suit your mood or style. The Neet sleeve will be launching sometime this summer with a retail price of around $15, although if you are quick it can be pre ordered from just $10!

Source: Neet Products