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29th April 2014

Qi Brings You Wireless Smartphone Charging!

Qi Brings You Wireless Smartphone Charging!

In this modern age, you might have thought that by now we should be able to charge our Smartphone’s without having to hunt around for that charging cable. Well there are some wireless charging devices around but they are few and far between. However, Qi are looking to change that. Wireless charging sounds like a dream come true; simply place your Smartphone onto the pad to get that important battery boost. The Qi has been designed to be universal too, so there are no worries if your Smartphone is powered by Android, iOS or Windows the chances are that the Qi will work with your Smartphone. As the name suggests, this charger works better with devices that are already Qi enabled as these will work without any adjustments.

For non Qi enabled devices to wireless charge they will require either a case or coil receiver. The Qi device will also stand in as a portable battery charger, so there is a lot happening with Qi. The Qi charger comes with a power button, USB output port, Micro USB input port and a four LED indicator display on the side. It is made from glass and aluminium measuring up at 65 mm (W) x 132 mm (L) x 8.9 mm (H) and it weighs in at just 105 grams. The Qi Smartphone battery charger should be going on sale before the summer, the price is expected to be in the region of $70, but at the moment, it can be pre ordered with prices starting from $45 and that is a considerable saving.

Source: Qi Pack


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