Got An Idea Or Mission? Then You Need Adobe Voice!

Got An Idea Or Mission? Then You Need Adobe Voice!

If you are on Mission and need to get that message out, but do not have the backing of a personal media manager then Adobe’s new app for the iPad could be the thing that you have been waiting for! The Voice is a clever app that helps the user create a cool video in minutes and yet it requires no filming at all, this is because the user picks images from the library of over 25,000 and the app does the rest. The Voice is simple to use, just touch to record a message but only one line at a time, the app automatically adds a relevant soundtrack, so that the user is able to Play it back and make any changes.

Got An Idea Or Mission? Then You Need Adobe Voice!

It is just a matter of choosing from the collection of images and icons or the user can pick from their own collections. Create a custom look from the collection of fonts, colours and even type of motion that is suitable. Now the fun part the app will automatically build a cinema quality animation from all of the choices made. That is it all that is required now is to share the video on Facebook, Twitter, email and add to a web page. The Voice is a free app from Adobe just for iPad owners at the moment on iTunes.

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