So What Is All The Fuss About With dEXTRIS?

So What Is All The Fuss About With dEXTRIS?

There has been a lot of noise about the dEXTRIS mobile game by Chaotic Box! The excitement comes from the frustration on how hard the game is to get through. Therefore, if you are one of those mobile gamers who likes a challenge then this would be right up your street.

This is a game that is great to play on a smartphone or tablet device! The goal is to avoid the spikes using the games unique magnetic control system. Squeeze through the smallest of gaps with only seconds to spare in order to move on to the next even more difficult level.

So What Is All The Fuss About With dEXTRIS?

Another great thing about dEXTRIS is that its free but only for owners of iOS powered devices, check it out on iTunes! However, beware, you will be frustrated at how difficult this game is to get through, you have been warned.

Source: Chaotic Box


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