Mobile Messaging Is Getting Smarter With Teek!

Mobile Messaging Is Getting Smarter With Teek!

Most of us use messaging, some more than others! The problem is creating and replying to messages while on the move is not that easy, this is where the Teek app comes in handy, as it is capable of predicting your next sentence making it easier to finish the message quickly and then send it anywhere for free! The Teek app by the UK based Smudge Inc will initially be free. The user is even able to send and receive images at no extra cost, but the key feature is the way that the app predicts what the user is writing and the more it is able to get the way the user writes.

Teek is not all about messaging there is more to it. As the app learns more about the user, it is able to understand the user more and it will be able to update the calendar with appointments, inform the user how far they are from a certain location and so on. Just build your profile and get going, it is as easy as that to get started with the Teek app. You can download Teek for free for iOS powered devices from iTunes, but after a year there might a charge put in place!

Mobile Messaging Is Getting Smarter With Teek!

Source: Smudge Inc


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