Better Online: The Changing High Street.

The High Street has changed drastically over the last decade. Online shopping has not only become popular it has become common place. Many people don’t think twice about ordering products from the comfort of their homes, rather then driving into town, parking and wondering down the High Street.

Charity shops have thrived due to subsidised over heads and the nature of the stock control. Shoe shops and clothing retailers flourish, as the customer will always want to check the fit of the garment. Not all stores have been so lucky. Some things we can simply pick up online.

A light flutter.

Scratch cards were always purchased from a convenience shops along with chocolate bars, Newspapers, stamps and fizzy drinks. The daily routine of picking up the paper and a snack has been disrupted by the internet. News is now readily available online and now so are Coral scratchcards. This method is simply more convenient and anything to limit our sugar intake has to be a good thing, right?

Listening, Watching, Reading and Playing.

C.d’s, Films, books and games have been readily available from online stores such as Amazon. The latest development to truly sink the High Street rivals was downloadable content. Want the new Hunger Games? Download it for your kindle. Want to play the latest Dragon-age game? You can purchase it from Steam and you don’t even have to wait for delivery. Need to see the Avengers for the one hundredth time? Stream it off Netflix. The Town centre stores could simply not compete.

Seeing is believing.

You will still have to visit you Optician for your six monthly contact lens check and every two years or so for your eye test. When you want to get some Contact lenses for a big night out? Pick them up online. The cost is a fraction of that in your local Opticians and they will be falling on your doormat the very next day.

All Mod Cons.

That 40 inch smart Television you have had your eye on ready for the FIFA World Cup will never fit in the back of your car. Even if the sales assistant helps, it simply will not fit. The solution is order it online. Just make sure that someone’s home when its delivered, or you will end up with one of those annoying “you were not home” notes through your door.

Full Flat Furniture.

The rising popularity of flat-packs have pushed the furniture sales industry closer to the online market. A double door wardrobe can show up in a relatively small brown box. Sure, some assembly is required, but at least you don’t have to strap a fully constructed bedroom feature to your roof-rack.