Important Marine Information In One Place With SeaStatus!

Important Marine Information In One Place With SeaStatus!

The sea is busy place with people working and having fun in or around the coastline, sometimes all at the same time, which can mean that they may at some point get in each other’s way. However, if that was not enough to worry about, there is the sea itself to think about, this is a living thing with a lot of outside influences that are capable of changing a smooth sea into a seriously rough sea in a matter moments. Luckily for those people who like to be in or around the sea, there is the free Seastatus iPhone app. The app can provide the user with all of the essential data on what is happening such as; weather, tides and temperatures, in one handy place and easy to understand quickly.

There are already over two thousand US locations available on the map feature, all updated with the latest data. Selecting the weather will bring up wind speed and direction, conditions, temperature and of course, sunset and sunrise times. The water screen offers data on swell, temperature, tide height as well as the high and low tide times. The Sea Status app is free from iTunes for iOS powered devices, with a premium version offering more features.

Important Marine Information In One Place With SeaStatus!

Source: Sea Status


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