The Coburns Pocketsized And Minimalist iPad Stand!

Some of the best and most popular designs are the ones that are both simple and easy to use, some of those fancy designs do not do the job properly and sometimes cost just as much as the devices they have been made support, which does make any sense at all, there must be a better way available.

The Coburns Pocketsized And Minimalist iPad Stand!

Well there could be, because this is a tablet stand that has been designed for the iPad, it might even worth with other tablets, but it is advisable to check the dimensions first though. The stands are handmade from wood and will support the tablet device in a portrait or landscape angle, making easy to view videos or even do some work.

The wooded stand also has built in magnets, there are there so that the two pieces can be easily stuck together for easy transportation in a bag or pocket. The stand can hold the tablet in various positions and because they are made from wood, they are not going to mark or scratch the tablet.

The Coburns Pocketsized And Minimalist iPad Stand!

The buyer gets a choice of two different types of wood, the lighter coloured wood is known as Bird’s eye Maple, while the much darker looking wood is from South America and is called Pau Ferro, both styles work well with the tablet, it’s just a matter of choice really.

The Coburns Pocketsized And Minimalist iPad Stand!

If the handmade Coburn stand is what you would like to see your iPad being held up by then expect to pay around $25 for it.

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