Real FX Its Real Racing By Remote Control!

We have all had a car racing game on our Smartphone’s or tablets at some time, its because of the excitement of getting to the end of the race without being over taken or wrecked by the other drivers. So, what if video game car racing could be brought into the real world, would this be a cool racing game or not?  It stands to reason that this would be cool and this is exactly what this new and exciting Real FX racing game is planning to do. The team behind it is Wow Labs and in order to make car racing exciting really exciting, they have mashed up artificial intelligence, customisable tracks and two cool looking radio controlled cars together to produce one of the coolest looking racing sets, the likes of which have never been seen before.

Real FX Its Real Racing By Remote Control!

Many of know about slot racing, but this is limited and there is always the chance that they car will come off the track, and by the time that you manage to get it back on track the race is over. Real FX is different, these cars a proper remote controlled cars and artificial intelligence keeps the cars on the track, there are no cars flying off the track here. Now it is possible to race a remote controlled car with friends in your own home or at work, you can even race on your own! Simply switch one of the cars to “Pace” and it will race your car around the track. Real FX takes car racing to the next level and beyond, there is nothing like this around at the moment and there is certainly nothing so exciting around.

The Real FX racing game should be available before the end of the year, although it can be pre ordered at the moment from around £80 for the two remote controlled cars, the controllers and it comes with the twelve peice starter track, which is not a bad price to pay for something that is so addictive.

Real FX Its Real Racing By Remote Control!

Source: Wow Stuff


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