Create Your Own Star Wars Scenes With This App!

What fan of Star Wars would not want the chance to create a scene from the movie and change it so that the outcome turns out very different? Well you do not have to dream anymore, because this is the Star Wars Scene Maker app that allows iPhone owners to do just that! This is the Star Wars Scene Maker app from Disney and it will turn every user into a movie director. They we be able to pick a their favourite scenario, choose what characters will take part, decide what actions they will do, record the finished piece and then share with friends and other Star Wars fans. It sounds too good be true, but this app really does bring together all of the action and characters that we have come know over the years from the Star Wars universe. However, with one big difference, it is in your hands to change it, so that the outcome is very different and change the outcome.

Create Your Own Star Wars Scenes With This App!

Not only that, the app allows the user to use real dialogue straight from the movies giving the new scene a real look even though the ending might be completely different to what we remember it to be from the original movies and this is what makes the app so exciting and interesting. To make the scene even more interesting and realistic the user is able to change the camera view, there are three in total and all of them are able to track the action from various angles, so that none of the action will be missed. Finally, no Star Wars movie would be anything without the music and title introduction, with this app, you are able to choose original music from the movies and create your own introduction title scrolling for that classic beginning.

Create Your Own Star Wars Scenes With This App!

This is a free app and it is available for the owners of iPhone running iOS 7 or higher, check it out on iTunes.

Source: Disney Stories


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